Independent Views and Coverage on the Media Reform & Be the Media! Conferences

In case you haven’t been reading the Be The Media! Blog, here are some some links to coverage highlights of the National Conference on Media Reform and the Be the Media! conference, that happened in Madison, WI, this past weekend (Nov 7-9).
(Of course, this is just a sampling of some interesting bits — read the blog itself for a more filling meal.)

I posted some of my own brief thoughts on Saturday’s proceedings, and will continue to report and reflect on the conferences in the coming days, both here and at

As I said, this isn’t all. A few of the blog participants–including me–took during many of the sessions and panels, which you can read on the blog, too.

I think the Be the Media Blog was a great idea and I have to thank Kristian for setting it up and inviting me to participate. It will serve as both a lasting archive of data on the conference that is much richer than the necessarily skimpy press reports, as well as depository for ongoing thoughts and dialogues about the conferences, their effects and futures.

It’s a great application of the weblog technology, and shows how blogs can be used to provide a forum for unfiltered, nearly instantaneous and extemporaneous, but focused information about a topic or event.






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