Get Ready for the Right-Wing Flames — The American Spectator Takes Note of Mediageek

That’s the beauty of the Internet, isn’t it? You don’t have to be a prominent syndicated radio host or TV talking head anymore to catch the eye of the press. No, you just need a website, like this one here.

All of a sudden the number of profanity-laden comments to this site about “stupid liberals and left-wingers” went way up today, but I didn’t take much note of it, until I checked the referral logs, and saw that I’ve had the honor of being quoted in that paragon of “fair and balanced” reportage, The American Spectator, in an installment of the “Media Matters” column entitled “Hate”

In that column, David Hogberg, ” research analyst at the Public Interest Institute, an Iowa-based think tank,” complains about the “the most angry, cowardly, and vile hate-fest since Fred Phelps protested Matthew Sheppard’s funeral service,” coming from the “the left-wing portion of the blogosphere.”

Hogberg goes on to quote several “left-wing” blogs, including a post I made about Limbaugh last month. What’s funny to me is that I didn’t go too far out on limb, and only said I’m inclined to enjoy seeing Limbaugh get a taste of his own medicine, given his on-air pronouncements that give no mercy to drug addicts…. like himself. I don’t propose stringing Rush up, or doing anything violent. Hell, I don’t even think he should endure any punshiment greater than what he’s wished on others in similar circumstance. And if I really think about it seriously (which I’m disinclined to do, since Rush is a clown, and doesn’t deserve serious consideration), I honestly don’t like, support or advocate ANY of this nation’s drug laws, and think he should at least be left alone, and maximally given some addiction help. But Rush’s words have had power and influence on listeners, politicians and the right-wing’s shock troops (busy composing hateful comments to me right now). And so by extension, Rush has undoubtedly caused untold suffering for lots of people — drug addicts, immigrants, women.

Why should I have any sympathy for him whatsoever? He’s got plenty of money, and can afford the best care. As long as he doesn’t screw himself up any more, he’ll be fine. Here’s my advice — if you want to throw stones, move out of the glass house.

But hey, maybe I should be pleased to see that mediageek is considered in the good company of such folks as Margaret Cho.

Given the kind of vitriol lavished on former President Clinton by the right-wing press for daring to be slightly left-of-center on some issues, it seems to me that Hogberg is revealing his and the right’s relatively thin skin. Or, more pointedly, one might say they can dish it, but they can’t take it.

Let’s recall that Limbaugh has expressed his sensitivity and fairness by calling former first-lady, and now Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and other women who dare to challenge the mysogynyst status quo, “feminazis.” Doesn’t that kind of talk open him up to being labeled an “oxycontinazi?”

Anyway, I wish I’d saved the few right-wing-reactionary comments posted here today, but since they more than surpassed any of the other blog comments Hogberg quotes in terms of profanity, vitriol, and hatred, I deleted them. It’s not that I am afraid of dissent, rather I don’t feel any obligation to honor or facilitate immature name calling and abuse, especially when it’s aimed at me.

However, if there’s more to come, I might let them stay, so as to reveal the hypocrisy of the right-wing’s attacks and their crocodile tears over poor Rush. We’ll have to see.






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