Global Community Radio Forced To Move by University for Peace

I received the latest update in the ongoing struggle between global shortwave community broadcaster Radio For Peace International and its landlord, the United Nations chartered University for Peace. Unfortunately, the news is not good (but there are glimmers of hope):

10/30/29 – The Copy Exchange – The University for Peace (UPaz) gave little ground to Radio for Peace International in negotiation that took place over the last few months over compensation to RFPI for their $200,000 facilities and for the cost of moving the station. UPaz would only set up an escrow account containing a tiny percentage of what is owed the station – money that RFPI cannot access. RFPI walked away for the talks empty handed, forced to relocate but penniless to do so.

UPaz officials stated that RFPI must vacate their facilities by October 31st or face legal action, though it is unclear what form that action might take, since Costa Rican law does not apply to international land, such as UPaz property.

Regardless, RFPI does plan to move and is determined to keep their dream alive. Land outside San Jose has been donated to RFPI, a deed being drawn up to transfer ownership to the station. From a newly established office in San Jose, capable of containing the studios, RFPI will be able to live stream their programming over the Internet during the three to six month period required to set up the transmitter and tower at the new location.

Once the transmitter is established RFPI begin broadcasts again using a studio-to-transmitter link from the San Jose studio.

UPaz reportedly is planning to make use of the present RFPI facilities, for which they offered nothing in monetary consideration, for their own purposes.







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