Fellow WEFTie and IP-geek Quoted in Village Voice

My pal, J.B. Nicholson-Owens, got quoted in a Village Voice article about how intellectual property activists are pushing Howard Dean to take a stance against such atrocities as the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the Sony Bono Copyright extension.

J. posted a comment to Larry Lessig’s blog when Dean was guest-blogger back in July and had been posed questions about intellectual property:

“Dean had the opportunity to research something related to copyright issues before coming here. I see little (if any) evidence he did that. To me this comes off as profoundly disrespectful of the audience. During the (mostly one-way) discussion, he had time to compose a response that would give us some inkling of what he was thinking on any copyright-related issue (which is the main topic on this blog).”

J. has a show on WEFT Community Radio, where the mediageek radio show originates, called Digital Citizen. It’s a great two-hour biweekly round-up of issues in intellectual property and civil liberties. His next show is tonight at 8 PM — you should tune in if you’re in the Champaign, IL area. I keep hoping J. will get a website together and post archives of his show — in ogg vorbis format, of course.






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