Oh yeah, Limbaugh’s Gettin’ a Taste

I know I should be more high-minded, but I must confess enjoying watching Rush stew in his own juices over being a racist moron, and now, maybe a prescription pain-killer drug addict. Now, if he were just some average schmoe, I wouldn’t cackle over the drug allegations. But since he’s a moralizing, arrogant, bigoted blowhard, who otherwise advocates that drug addicts essentially be rounded up and exterminated… yeah, I’m smiling.






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  1. John Anderson Avatar

    post the weasel photo!!!

  2. Scumbag B. Avatar
    Scumbag B.

    Weasel? That’s my territory – don’t drag the ‘geek into the gutter.

    For those who want to see the weasel:

  3. Chloe Avatar

    It *is* tough to be sympathetic about his possibly being addicted to drugs when he’s someone who has scoffed at calling drug addiction an illness. But they DO say that ‘denial’ of the addiction is one of the symptoms of drug addiction… and it’s also a symptom of mental illness to refuse to believe you’re insane. So I suppose we should feel some compassion for him despite, or perhaps *because* of his possibly being a big hypocrite.

    At any rate, don’t feel bad about making fun of his “possible” affliction of drug addiction… I’ve made fun of his *definite* hearing loss! LOL. 😉

    But to be fair, it should be noted that I made fun of *my very own* situation of needing serious medical attention!

  4. sluggo Avatar

    Hey Rush:

    Don’t drop the soap in the shower, you bigoted, hypocrytical fat pig! I’ll dance and piss on your grave!! HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Edward Russell Avatar
    Edward Russell

    LOL. This is one sweet time in my life. Fat Assed Rush the pill poppin asshole is under fire for the same bullshit he says that is bringing America down. I hope the b@stard goes to prison and becomes someones bitch. It pisses me off though, in America if you can buy your drugs without having to commit a crime to get the money you are not an addict, you have a drug problem why is that.

  6. Michael W Stevens Avatar

    As a former drug addict my self. I feel some sypathy towards Rush. But I got caught and had to face the man. I am sure to him I was just another idiot junkie , clogging up his tax paid court system . Fact is Rush was buying illegal drugs . That”s illegal ,get it.

  7. Chloe Avatar

    If he had pain, he should’ve been getting prescriptions from his own doctor – not buying them illegally.

  8. Chris von Rabenau Avatar
    Chris von Rabenau

    This whole McNabb thing is a bunch of bs. It’s not like McNabb is the only (or first) black QB in the league that is above par. I mean look at McNair, he came within inches of becoming the first black QB to win a Super Bowl. What about Vick and Culpepper, or even Cunningham for that matter? Give me a break, you right wing I-believe-anything-Rush-says-even-now-that-I-know-he-is-a-junkie bozos. It was ALL about race, and the fact that McNabb’s agent is just good at getting McNabb $. Can’t have those “people” making $, here in white America. Anyone remember Morton Downey, Jr? Problem with right wing prostelatizers is that their whole castle is built on hatred and moralizing. Since everyone is human, even they will fail, and then they are spurned by their followers. Maybe the lesson here is everyone should show a little more tolerance, eh?

  9. tony mcgrath Avatar
    tony mcgrath

    Rush and all his nazi colleagues, including Dr.(HaHa)split beaver slutinger, have been put on the air by moneyed people who are trying to destroy this country. These paid whores are the worst kind of vile slimy hypocrites on earth. Give them the money and tell them what to tell their hoodwinked dupes and they’ll babble their lying shit all day long. The common ground is that they are all united behind big business and creating a government that will benefit them and take away my liberties. These swine get all pissed off because immigrants here want some basic human services and dignity.
    The contradiction is that the arrogant hypocrite lying shit spewers and their business buddy colleagues love illegal immigration. Keeps wages down and allows them to live an even more fatassed lazy parasite nonproductive life. Besides, who’s going to do their yard work and shampoo their dogs for minimum wage. “I don’t give a fuck if Lupe’s little girl is in the ER, she’s supposed to be here to get ready for the Swanson’s party! Lazy asses. Next thing they’ll want driver’s licenses. Why can’t they just walk from where they’re camping in cardboard shacks in the LA River, to Orange County. You can’t even hardly understand them either.” Dope fiend scumbag limbaugh has made a career of talking about how honest and forthright he and all his fellow right wing nazis are. What a joke. Insteaad of whining some doubletalk bullshit and sneaking off to a rehab clinic, the puke bucket should have said, “I am a pill popping scumbag junky. So, since I told all you brain dead losers who listen to my pious, hypocrite lying scumbag mouth, a worthless piece of trash like a junky should be put in prison, I am going to fire Roy Black {The famous lawyer he hired a month or so before he made his honest tell all statement) and turn myself in.” Well, the scumbag hypocrite won’t, because he is a scumbag hypocrite.
    The dittoheads aren’t stupid. But they are played like a fiddle by the Weasel Band. Find a few hot button issues and work them up like Dr. Goebbels would.Scare them with stupid bullshit unimportant things like letting same sex people marry and then keep leading them like sheep to the slaughterhouse.
    I believe in treatment not incarceration, but pigboy and his friends, who are now falling all over themselves apologizing for pigboy, have always said that scumbag drug abusers should be put in prison. Prison should be for things like baby raping and murder, not taking oxycontin or smoking weed. But I guess the poor hypocrite weasel was so stressed by keeping his dittoheads safe from the liberal left, that he had to take pills to keep up God’s work. I would be satisfied if he did six months roadside trash pick up with a sign around his neck that said, ” I am a hypocrite lying weasel and because I am a lying sack of shit I will never again open my mouth in public”

  10. Slam Avatar

    Welcome to the real world Rush.

    By ‘Slammer’

    Anyone that has followed this page for any amount of time knows that I have consistently ripped the GOP and Conservatives (The grand party of Lincoln) and the so-called conservative movement. I don’t do this to ‘stir the pot’ or because I’m some huge ‘liberal’ (A word retooled by the right to now reflect the viciousness of words like nigger or faggot) because I’m not. I like what I have and work very hard for it. I don’t think anyone is entitled to it but me. No, my distain for the ‘radio right’ is rooted in the fact that I take GREAT exception at the idea that individuals in government, churches and other leadership are somehow greater and more virtuous than us, the great unwashed. I need to be left alone, I need to be respected for my work, and I need to be supported by my government should need be. What I I don’t need or respect the hand slapping nanny state. The daily sales job being done on Americans is shameless and offensive, and the lock-steppers that buy this filth are dupes. I hold one basic truth, we are all simply humans. Nothing more nothing less. The right refuses to recognize things such as addiction, genetics and humanistic dissention by dismissing them as Liberal and Immoral. Conservative social engineers sell you a package not unlike those put forth by Marx and Lennon. The only difference is that the basic tenant is shifted from financial redistribution to moral redistribution. The problem? Morality is an opinion and Gods are a choice.

    This brings us to the moorings of the conservative flag ship; E.I.B. (Excellence in Broadcasting) and it’s founder, the twice divorced, thrice married, draft dodging, pill popping Rush H. Limbaugh III. The universally recognized spawn of the ‘movement’. Once again, radio Republicans and Conservatives find themselves having to “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”, and the grand police state free from challenge and vice finds itself trying to patch yet another hole in the dam.

    The culture war started by the likes of Limbaugh and his/the contemporaries like Knute Gingrich, (A gentleman that enjoyed many a blow job in his driveway while his wife lie suffering and bed ridden from ‘chemo’ not 100 feet away) Bill O’Riely, (with a history of drugs, alcohol and extramarital affairs) Dr. Laura, (Sleeping her way to the top while married) Swaggert, (the pathetic self-obsessed crown price of sex with prostitutes) Garner Ted Armstrong, (The Steven King of religious fiction) Jim and Tammy, (Just the mere mention of these two ‘cartoons’ is enough said) Ron Regan, (And his notorious affair with Nancy while still married to Jane Wyman and then his total disownment of Ron jr. when he came out as gay. A president so oblivious to reality that he used star charts to decide the fates of millions) are all just a blips on the radar and just as fleeting. They are part of a top heavy and doomed dirty laundry list of conservative hypocrites.

    I am going to stop here because I could easily pound out miles of text sighting example after example of Conservative social and fiscal failure and how even I was not prepared for the crap that Limbaugh took down the throat of his minion. Rush Limbaugh is the pathetic crippled big-eyed morally starved poster child for the conservative movement. Once again, one of Americas moral leader stands exposed as a feeble and addled idiot stripped of the thin gilding of his own bombast exposing the rot underneath. All I have to say to you is welcome to the real world Rush, you fucking hypocrite. And as your head pounds in trials of withdraw and your body writhes with the agonies of your own doing, remember…. There but for the grace of God go I? No Rush, there for grace of God go you.

  11. DemsAreWhores Avatar

    Slam, what a pathetic little loser you are. It is very evident you are mentally ill. Get some help you pathetic piece of shit.

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