Senate Votes To Block FCC’s Loosened Media Rules

This morning the Senate finally voted 55 to 40 in favor of a resolution of disapproval on the FCC’s June 2 loosening of media ownership rules. If passed by the House and signed by the president, the resolution negates the new rules. This vote doesn’t quite represent the 2/3 majority support needed if Bush decides to veto the resolution, as he’s threatened.

Without a doubt this a good thing, although it’s still just battle won — there still lie battles in the House, where there’s more resistance, and the White House, which shares a bed with the media barons.

Let’s not forget that the status quo, circa June 1, 2003, wasn’t all that great to begin with. The real battle should be to reverse the worst provisions of the Telecomm Act of 1996, which started the media consolidation ball careening down the (Capitol) Hill.






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