RFPI In Talks To Stay Put

Back on July 21, Radio For Peace Int’l, a global community shortwave broadcaster in Costa Rica, was surrounded by guards and threatened with eviction by its landlord, the UN chartered University for Peace. As I reported on last Friday’s radioshow, although they station and the University agreed to sitting down for talks on Aug. 11, the station remained locked down and guarded.

According to the RFPI website, both sides did sit down yesterday and agreed “that the two organizations will enter into conversations for the next 76 days, ending on 31st October.”

In a July 31 statement, the station says that it has experienced no problems with the University for Peace until the current administration of Maurice Strong, a billionaire businessman, who is Senior Advisor to the United Nations, former senior advisor to the President of the World Bank, and a director of the World Economic Forum Foundation, whose stated aim is to promote entrepreneurship in the global public interest.

RFPI says that there appears to be a conflict of ideology between the stationÂ’s unchanged philosophy in programming, which takes a critical look at globalization and its social consequences, and the latest University for Peace administration.

A Save RFPI website has been set up by supporters.






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