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The English language Costa Rican news site AM Costa Rica has a story on the RFPI lockdown/eviction, “Is there anyone in favor of negotiating now?” (scroll down):

“The radio station, in turn, went over the head of Martin Lees, university rector, last weekend and sought support from the 17-member University for Peace Council, the organizationÂ’s supreme authority. Members come from many countries. Some 10 members are named by the secretary general of the United Nations.

“Radio for Peace officials believe that the council was unaware of the eviction effort by Rector Lees. …

“The university has said, and the station agrees, that the university is owed money. “

Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio program covered the situation briefly at the beginning of his Aug. 6 program, which you can listen to on-line.






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  1. Noble Avatar

    I want to let you know i’ve been listening to RFPI since Sept.1987,and for sixteen years have enjoyed the diversity of programming available on the station.I’m shocked by the mere fact that Rector Lees allowed his partner,Maurice Strong to throw RFPI off the air,against their will.I’m happy to know they plan to move to a new home in San Jose. Thanks.

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