More Motion to Delay and Block New Media Ownership Rules

Just to show you that our elected representatives aren’t 100% bought-and-paid -for, there are thirty-five Senators trying to use a little-known maneuver to block the implementation of the FCC’s new loosened media ownership rules. According to the Washington Post,

“A ‘resolution of disapproval,’ which is permitted under the Congressional Review Act, has been placed on the Senate calendar for expedited consideration because it has more than the 30 signatures required to move it out of committee without a vote. … The measure would require a simple majority of the Senate for passage.”

For its part, the House Appropriations Committee yesterday voted to block the raising of the national TV ownership limit to reaching 45% of US TV households. But that was the only rule that they touched, leaving intact the rules allowing TV-newspaper cross-ownership and ownership of multiple TV stations in a market.

Meanwhile, the FCC’s Democrats continue to beat their heads against the Powell wall. On Tuesday, Commissioners Adelstein and Copps asked Chairman Powell to allow a commission vote on a temporary stay of the new rules. The new rules go into effect 30 days after publication in the Federal Register, which is expected within weeks. Powell is as likely to consider that as is he to consider giving up the smug look on his face.






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