San Diego Pirates Easy To Find, but Still ‘Casting

A San Diego TV station tracked down the location of Free Radio San Diego using a $20 radio, under the assumption the station had been evading the FCC a la “Pump Up the Volume.” But that’s not quite true, since the FCC has visited the station twice, although not yet with a warrant or any cops.

I wonder if the TV coverage will turn up the temperature for FRSD, since I doubt the FCC appreciates being “outsmarted” by some smug TV reporter with a Wal-Mart radio.

In other pirate news, John at reports that the feds got to Radio Free Brattleboro in Vermont and fined an unlicensed broadcaster in Florida. From a press report, it doesn’t look like the FCC had any cops or warrants, so the station must have just decided not to push its luck.






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  1. DJ UndahCovah Avatar
    DJ UndahCovah

    Hi RadioGeeks,

    I’m a DJ at Radio Free Brattleboro. This recent show of force by the FCC has done nothing but made us stronger, more savvy and now, finally, has handed us an opportunity to gather our beloved community behind us.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to say that we decided not to “push our luck.” Oh, we’re pushy alright!

    Stay Tuned!

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