Indy Journalism Via Blog

Wired News has a story on a French blogger who posted updated reports about what was really going on in the streets around the G-8, as prostestors and police clashed throughout the weekend. However, I must point out that this is exactly the sort of thing Indymedia has been doing for over three years now — I guess it’s just not as cool as blogging right now. IMC is sooooo 2000.

Like too many Americans, I have to admit that this past weekend’s G8 summit just about passed right by me, even though I followed the news on the special Indymedia newswire set up for the event. Personally, I was too caught up in the FCC nonsense, but should have noted here how important Indymedia was in setting the record straight.

One might recall that two years ago in Genoa Italian police raided a welcome center and the local IMC, beating people as they slept, in addition to shooting dead one protestor. There is good reason to protest and fight such a closed, undemocratic forum as the G8, and independent media figures heavily in revealing the true undemocracy going on.






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