When Video Becomes a Crime

Wes Brain, a videographer at Southern Oregon University, reports that he was arrested by Ashland, OR police for videotaping a peace demonstration there. The cops charged him with disorderly conduct, apparently for recording such events as:

“This footage shows some of the things not reported by the local mainstream media like the SWAT team that was called in from a neighboring county to square off against our peacefully protesting students. This footage looks like it is taken from another planet, I mean can you imagine riot cops squaring off against young kids? Blanked from coverage in the local press, it happened. My footage also shows the tail-end of a scuffle in the street which shows the Ashland Police throwing people to the ground. I did not capture the beginning of this incident but do have an interview of someone who says she saw it from the start and that the police instigated the scuffle. “

This sounds like a story I’ll need to follow up on. If this guy has his facts right, then this is some fucked up shit. If it’s true that it’s a crime to video our police in a public space — where they are no doubt surveilling and videotaping us — then it only becomes clearer that we are living in a police state. (via On Lisa Rein’s Radar)






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