FCC Commishs hear more than 3 hours of real public testimony in Seattle

The public hearing on media ownership held last Friday in Seattle was probably the one most deserving of the modifier “public” so far. I listened for a good portion of the afternoon to the Seattle IMC’s live ‘net feed, and presented a choice 20 minutes of public testimony on Friday’s mediageek radioshow. Of course, it’s too bad that only the two most public-interest minded FCC Commissioners were on hand to actually hear the public.

John at DIYMedia.net has some comments from Jonathan Lawson, a Reclaim the Media organizer, who helped make the hearing happen, along with helping get the word out for the actual public to attend.

“For his part, Lawson feels a lot better about the strength of the media democracy movement after last Friday. ‘I don’t feel like it’s a done deal at all,’ he said. In fact, it would seem, talk is changing from simply slowing the deregulatory juggernaut to ‘winning this thing.’”






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