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The mediageek radioshow’s resident Zine-queen Aj Michel makes another appearance on today’s show to discuss some upcoming happenings in the ‘zine world and talk about some new ‘zines to hit the scene. Here’s references to the stuff she’ll talk about:

Zine Events

Zine Slam 2003 at the UC-IMC, Saturday March 15, 4PM to 6PM at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center.

Beantown Zinetown, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston MA, Saturday March 29, 11AM to 6PM

NJ Zine Fest, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ, Sunday April 13, 12N to 6PM

Allied Media Conference, Bowling Green OH, Friday June 13 to Saturday June 15.

Portland Zine Symposium, Portland OR, Friday August 1 to Sunday August 3.

Recent issues of Zine Review Zines

Zine World #18 is available for sending $4 cash or stamps to Zine World: A Reader’s Guide to the Underground Press, PO Box 330156, Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0156

Xerography Debt #10 drops next week. Send $3 to Xerography Debt, PO Box 963, Havre de Grace, MD 21078.

Zines mentioned on the show and other recent stuff that’s worth checking out

The Hungover Gourmet #6. Available for $4 to Hungover Gourmet, PO Box 5531 | Lutherville, MD 21094-5531. You can also easily order the issue on-line.

Found Magazine #2. Available for $5 from Loop Distro, Loop Distro, 1357 W. Augusta #1, Chicago, IL 60622. You can also order it and subscribe on the Found Magazine site.
Kitty! Available for $1 from Daina Mold, PO Box 6681, Portsmouth NH 03802.
Caboose #3. Available for $1 from Liz Saidel, PO Box 476802, Chicago IL 60647 and also through Loop Distro.

Riot Librarrrian #1, Available for $1 from either Sara, 120 State Ave NE, #135, Olympia WA 98501-8212 or from Jenn, 1946 W. Bradley Pl, #2W, Chicago, IL 60613. You can also get Riot Librarrrian from Pander Zine Distro.

Mine: An Anthology of Women’s Choices, $2. Available most easily through Grrrlstyle or Pander Zine Distro.

Brainscan #19, $2, by Alex Wrekk is available from many distros, including Microcosm Publishing, which Alex co-runs. You can also get Brainscan #19 from Grrrlstyle, Pander Zine Distro, and Burning the Letters.

Peko Peko #4 is sold out, but you can pre-order #5 for $4 from PO Box 114, Berkeley CA 94701.

Polka Scene Zine #24: The Detective Kowolski Files is available for $5 from Vera G., PO Box 803664, Chicago IL 60680. Most back issues of PSZ are also available for $2 each.

Shameless Self-Promotion

12 Items or Less: A Grocery Shopping Zine is $3, and Moving Images: One Girl’s Incredibly Strange Search for Celluloid and Coaxial Comrades is $1, and can be had by sending cash to Aj Michel, PO Box 2574, Champaign IL 61825. You can check out the Papercuts blog for the full Low Hug Productions catalog, and also order via PayPal.






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  1. Daniel Markham Avatar
    Daniel Markham

    Mr. Geek,

    Do you know of any listserves or similiar e-mailing lists having to do with media reform, ownership concentration etc?

    I shall appreciate your help.

    Dan Markham

  2. Paul Avatar


    Try Reclaim the Media — they have a list you can get to at their website:

    –Paul aka Mr. Geek

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