Indy Film Trackin’ and Jammin’ the Mainstream

Jason, of Micro-Film mag fame, passed along to me this Film Threat review of an indy documentary called Culturejam: Hijacking Commercial Culture.

Although the reviewer comes off as kind of a butthead (despite giving the flick a positive review), I’m curious to see the movie. Culture Jamming is the territory where individuals take on the corporate media and culture mano-a-mano, and it can be liberating. It’s a counter-attack against the hyper-commercialized carpet bombing of our everyday conscious life. If it’s any good, such a film should serve as both a catharsis and an impetus to go out reclaim some mental space.

In the indy film vein, I was in Chicago Saturday and got to make a trip to the famous Quimby’s Bookstore, where I picked up a tape of Russ Forster’s 8-track documentary “So Wrong, They’re Right.” It’s quite a trip through an only slightly obsessive-compulsive underground — but it proves that freaks like us are what make life just a little more dangerous for the entertainment cartel.

By the way, you can listen to an interview with Russ Forster on the July 19, 2002 edition of the mediageek radioshow. It’s one of my favorite interviews so far, just for the sheer fun Russ exudes on being part of the Geek Nation.






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