Help Fix the DMCA

My co-host on last Friday’s show contributed this news headline with a URL too-long to hear, remember and write down. So, here’s the headline and URL in question:

Ever bought a copy-protected “CD” and found that it doesn’t play in a
device like your car stereo or computer? Ever bought a foreign DVD only to
discover it won’t play on your American DVD player? Did you have to buy a
multi-region player to get around it? Do you hate it when DVDs force you
to watch ads every time you play them?

Now there’s something you can do about it. From now until February 19,
2003 the US Copyright office will take public commentary on real-world
stories where you couldn’t access the digital media in the way you wanted

The Copyright office has set up some tricky formatting requirements for
these submissions. So the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has set up
a webpage where you can type in your contact info (name, address, e-mail
address, etc.) and your tale of woe in plain English. The EFF will get
your submission into the right format and submit it to the Copyright
office for you.

for the form on the web. Submit your story and you’ll help fix the DMCA so we can skip past the ads and previews if we want to, share DVDs with our friends outside the US, and play audio CDs on any audio CD player we want.






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