Lies and Damn Lies

A small blip on today’s Associated Press radar: “Clear Channel Defends Size of Company”

“WASHINGTON – The head of a major radio company is taking aim at charges that his company engages in anti-competitive behavior.

Lowry Mays of Clear Channel Communications told a Senate panel that the competition in the radio industry is “robust.”

He says his company is large, with more than 1,200 radio stations, and he acknowledges more could be acquired in the future. But Mays stresses big isn’t necessarily bad.

Also, Mays insists his company has “zero tolerance” for “payola,” payments to radio stations to promote artists or get songs played on the air. …”

Did Mays say this with a straight face? I’ll have to check the video.

Mays’ “zero tolerance” for “payola” is like Dick Cheney’s “zero tolerance” for Enron’s accounting practices, or Manuel Noriega’s “zero tolerance” for cocaine trafficking.

Now I’m dying to hear the Senators’ reactions to being yanked so hard and blatantly.






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