Why Broadband’s so Goddamn expensive

Or, why it isn’t cheaper. The Mercury News’ Dan Gillmor reports that competition in telecomm, especially broadband internet, hasn’t fully materialized, allowing the incumbent providers — primarily regional Bells — to monopolize and keep rates jacked.

He also notes the impending threats — that your broadband provider might more seriously constrict and restrict the content and data you have access to, either due to contract (say, giving news exclusivity to ABC/Disney) or by threat (pulling the plug on mp3 downloads).

Gillmor’s one of the more inquisitive tech business reporters out there, who’s willing to stick his neck out and ask these questions.






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  1. raymond Avatar

    Man Im so fed up with waiting on dsl to be available to my area(north GA). it is stupid as hell the main road 1/6 of a mile away has had it for years. The damn local phone/cable company (Alltell) stopped offering cable access so I have been waiting for a satalite company to offer anything close to being affordable but seems like any kind of satalite internet prices keep getting jacked up. $600+ to install then $80-$100+ per month that is more than I pay for my phone($40) and dialup($10) and cable($30) bills combined. This sucks I wish someone would come up with somthing affordable for people who live just outside the dsl range!
    There I’ve vented! bye!

  2. MUTTDAWG Avatar


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