AM’s Not Dead (and not just for conservative talk)

The Ionospheric Messenger is an occasional Internet newsletter of the Medium Wave Alliance, covering independent and low-power broadcasting on AM. The newest issue reports independent full-power commercial station, WBZB in the Raliegh, NC area, that has gone to an all local music format.

There’s also a follow-up on WY2K, which is a legal low-power AM station in Springfield, IL. I met Billy Washington, who runs WY2K, last year, though he declined to reveal his “trade secret” that allows it to broadcast relatively far using FCC-approved equipment.

Legal unlicensed low-power AM broadcasting allows more power than legal unlicensed FM, but it’s harder to put that power to good use in getting a signal very far. But if you’re jonesin’ to get on the air and can live with broadcasting to a limited area, it just might be your ticket.

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