Consolidation Mambo

Before the Thanksgiving holiday I compiled a few recent articles on media consolidation and the upcoming FCC review of ownership rules. I hoped to comment on them but didn’t have the time. But rather than let them get old and moldy I’ll link you to them in case you missed ’em:

From the Nov. 21 edition of NPR’s Morning
Edition ( — note — it’s a streaming RealAudio link):

“Two groups are seeking to promote a better public understanding of who controls media outlets and how the media is regulated by the government. It’s an exercise in ‘media literacy’ carried out by The Action Coalition for Media Education and The Alliance for a Media Literate America. “

From the LA Weekly, 11/22-28/02 edition — The Untold Story: How Corporate Takeovers Make the Media Less Curious.

“Independent coverage of Big Media is disappearing right before our eyes.”

Ithaca Times, Wednesday, 11/20/02 — Media Consolidation Causes Worries For PBS Head.

“As fewer companies are entrusted with providing media access, who will make sure ‘the gates are kept open?’ asks PBS’s Pat Mitchell.”

From the Center for Digital Democracy: Radio Deregulation Report Finds Less Diversity on the Air.

“A report released Monday by the Future of Music Coalition affirms the widely
held belief that radio industry consolidation has led to less diversity in
programming. Entitled ‘Radio Deregulation: Has it Served Citizens and
Musicians?,’ the report also states that the industry, particularly in local
markets, is run by an oligopoly and that supposedly distinct formats in fact
contain redundancy in their playlists. This news falls contrary to the
relaxation of media ownership rules proposed by FCC Chairman Michael Powell.






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