mediageek — the radio show and website — making them work in concert

Each week on the mediageek radio show I do a few minutes of headline news. After doing this for six months now, I’ve found that some of this prep time pre-empts having this news also appear here on the site.

I try to make the radio show and website complementary, so that if you listen to the show it’s not just a rehash of what’s already been published on-line, and vice versa. What I’ve been less successful at is making the website a place where listeners to the radio show can find more expansive information about the things they hear about. Similarly, I want the radio show to be a place to hear from people who you’d only otherwise read about. All while recognizing that these two media serve difference audiences that don’t completely overlap.

To this end, I’m going to make an effort to post the weekly news headlines, so that website readers don’t have to listen to the show just to catch up on the news of our media environment (though I hope you’ll give the show a listen, nonetheless). The headlines are usually compiled from a number of web-available sources, so I’ll hyperlink them, as necessary. (note, this last Friday’s headlines, about to be posted, will not be hyperlinked, since the idea hit me after I’d already edited them).

Another idea I’m toying with is having a sidebar featuring “hot topics” — news and issues of continuing interest and importance that I want to keep on the radar. An example of such a “hot topic” is the FCC’s upcoming review of broadcast media ownership rules. I’m thinking that Moveable Type may offer an easy way for me to implement this without having to code a whole bunch of new static pages.

As always, I welcome your feedback and input. Use the comments link below or send me e-mail.






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