Keeping Up on Larry and the Supremes

Today is the day that Larry Lessig, Eric Eldred and co. make arguments in front the Supreme Court in favor of hacking back the most recent extention of copyright law that keeps the very first appearance of Mickey Mouse (amongst millions of works) out of the public domain. At stake is the future of our shared culture. Will it be continue to be shared, used and reused? Or will it become private property, useable only for rent, making criminals of those who might use it in ways the original, but dead, authors never intended?

Looks like the editors of the LawMeme blog are keeping notes (based on memory since note taking apparently isn’t allowed in the courtroom) on the arguments in Eldred v. Ashcroft (via boingboing). You can also use Google News to keep up on what’s being reported about the case (via According to this Slashdot post, the AP is the only mainstream press so far to report on the arguments themselves.






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