bookmobiles kick ass

Salon has a nice little article on “Riding along with the Internet Bookmobile.” This is the project that has thousands of public domain books on-line and ready to be printed in book form all in the back of a 1992 Windstar minivan. According to this article the Bookmobile made a stop here in Urbana to see Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg. Unfortunately I don’t think the Bookmobile made any sort of formal appearance, which is too bad. I’d have been more than glad to put them up over at the IMC.






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  1. Debbie Avatar

    I Drive a bookmobile in Nova Scotia and we
    cover a lot of area everyday. On a 3
    week schedule. That goes all year round, sometimes the weather does not allows us to go
    on the road. Our bookmobile is new 185.000 with
    many new features. We are having trouble with
    our generator, with dirt and water getting in
    and causing lots of problems. Any suggestions?

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