Fuck the Entertainment Cartel, for They Are Evil

To whit:

  • “Hoping to end the online trading frenzy that has plagued the music business, the movie industry is hunting down digital film swappers and getting their Internet service cut off.” — You know, just where do all those movies that are still in theaters and traded on file-sharing networks come from? A good part of the time they come from screeners — which are pre-release videocassettes sent to industry insiders. It’s the entertainment cartel’s dirty little secret that they’re all bigger pirates than you or I will ever be — they just take it as their little club privilege. Fuck them for that. They should know that you can’t enjoy the drug without it catching on with the lumpen.
  • “More than 200 Internet-based radio stations have shut down because of a royalty fee that takes effect in September, and more are closing daily.” — And thus it’s revealed that the real reason for the royalty fees were not to generate revenue, but to clear the field so that the entertainment cartel–which owns the music industry–can seize Internet radio for its own. If you can’t own ’em, drive them out of business, even if you have to manipulate Congress to get anti-competitive legislation passed. Remember, you only want deregulation when it doesn’t deregulate anyone who might be your competitor. Fuck them for that.

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