I’m taking a little holiday

I’m taking a little holiday break so there won’t be any big posts until Jan. 3. In the meantime here are some links to explore:

  • The FCC is accepting petitions to deny the merger of DirecTV and Echostar/Dish Network direct satellite TV providers. The FCC has a page dedicated to the merger.
    Previously on mediageek: Satellite TV Consolidation
  • For an incisive daily analysis of the news media check out Danny Schecter’s News Dissector’s Weblog. Danny is the editor of Mediachannel.org.
  • The Nation’s Jan. 7 issue is called “The Big Media and What We Can Do About It,” including articles on making a media reform movment, by Robert McChesney and John Nichols, and the cultural effects of the media cartel, by Mark Crispin Miller.
  • The Globalvision News Network is gearing up to provide “a news service that unites an international network of local media partners to syndicate global news and information from the ‘inside out.'”

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