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  • May 2 Radioshow Notes & Links

    Links and notes related to the May 2 mediageek radioshow: FCC Proceeding on localism: http://www.fcc.gov/localism Public Knowledge’s Orphan Works Act page: http://www.publicknowledge.org/issues/ow Matthew Lasar’s Ars Technica article: NPR’s war on Low Power FM: the laws of physics vs. politics You can read the full test of the show’s news headlines after the jump.

  • Martin’s Straw House of Network Neutrality

    After listening to Chairman Martin’s testimony [PDF / webcast] to the Senate Commerce Committee today, along much of his Q&A with members of the committee, I can’t help but think that Martin is really walking a tightrope. On the one hand, he asserts quite confidently that the Commission has the legal right to enforce its…