How To File Comments on Low-Power AM

The FCC is taking public comments on whether or not it should formally explore creating a low-power AM radio service. Don Schellhardt is one of the persons submitting the petition for rulemaking to the FCC, and I spoke to him on this week’s edition of the radioshow. He told me more about the proposal and some of the motivations for proposing LPAM.

If you think having a low-power AM radio service, similar to low-power FM, is a good idea, then now is the time to submit comments to the FCC.

It’s easy — just go to the ECFS Comment Upload page, and fill in the form. Make sure you put RM-11287 in the proceeding box. You can type your comments directly into the form or upload a longer document.

For additional information on the LPAM proposal, read the proposal for rulemaking (PDF).

This proposal is just one in a line, just like the proposal the FCC eventually took action on for LPFM was one of several. Radio World took a look at an earlier LPAM proposal submitted by Fred Baumbartner, which only proposed putting stations in the “extended band” from 1600 – 1710 KHz.