Where Old Technology Goes to Die

Old B&W Studio Monitors
At the University of Illinois the old equipment graveyard is called Surplus. It’s not exactly a graveyard, because a lot of the stuff still works — it’s just old. Of course, “old” is a relative concept. If you’re an English grad student looking to score a working PC for free for your office, you have a good chance of finding a working Pentium 4 machine that a scientist or computer science prof thought was underpowered.

At work I just gathered together a pile of old video and audio equipment that isn’t being used. I hate to send a lot of it off, since it’s cool vintage stuff, but it’s also not useful and it’s all taking up valuable space in our growing production area.

I hope that somebody at the U of I or some other university in Illinois happens upon a working piece of gear and decides to put it to good use. The working stuff, at least, isn’t getting scrapped or dumpstered.

I took some pics of it piled up in a corner of our TV studio in order to memorialize it. Take a peek if that’s yer thing.