The Strike Newspaper Updated with Internet Radio

The English-language workers of the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Canada’s public broadcaster, are locked out as part of a labor dispute. Amongst the disagreements, the CBC wants to use more temporary workers who won’t qualify for the benefits that permanent workers enjoy.

It is common for striking workers to publish their own newspaper, both as a way to keep up communication amongst workers and to educate the public about their struggle. The CBC workers, being media workers, have an on-line radio station, facilitated by the labor website LabourStart.

LabourStart’s Canada page has constantly updated links to stories about the strike.

While I think the on-line station is a great idea, I think a podcast would be a tremendous supplement, since it’s easy to miss a lot of great content due to scheduling. Sites like radio.indymedia allow you to create a podcast from any uploaded audio, so they wouldn’t even need to hunt down server space.