The Pirate on the Hudson Is Still Going

I just got an email from DJ Johnny Silver of Iron Action Radio. You may recall that I first posted about Nyack NY’s radio pirate back in January, when he was publicizing two dramatized videos about himself and his station. He says he’s finishing up the “3rd part in the series of films based on Iron Action radio and DJ Johnny Silver.”

Johnny says that the third is ending up to be a big file, so I’ve recommended he use to distribute it, since it’s free and they don’t take away any of your rights.

According to his blog, Johnny saw a “suspicious looking vehicle stopping in front of the transmitter site, and continuously driving forward then backing up about 5 times” this past Friday. So he’s considering moving the station to keep one step ahead, in case it was the FCC.

When I first learned about Johnny Silver and Iron Action, I wondered if he wasn’t being a bit too public for his own good.

He responded on his blog, saying, “The goal here is not to be clandestine, and secret, but its to have the station be a focal point for the community of nyack [sic].” It seems like he’s taking care to at least consider keeping the transmitter on the move.

Apparently, he’s also broadcasting his nightly program on-line — he says to “(do a search for “nyack pirate radio”)” at I just tried and came up with nothing, but maybe I have to try again when his show starts — around 9 PM EDT.