Easy Web Video Publishing

Steev points out two good open source web applications–Broadcast Machine and Osprey–for easily uploading and sharing video, either by downloading directly from a server or with BitTorrent.

I’m interested in this not just because of its obvious use for independent media, but also because I’m trying to set up a video portal at work, so that anyone at the university (or even on the internet) can see what video we have available for streaming in all subject areas we produce video for. Due to copyright and other restrictions (like privacy concerns), we can’t make every video available to everyone. But I still think it would be very good for people to see what is potentially available for instructors and students.

We have a very simple pilot database already in development, but it seems to me that it would be nice not to have to re-invent the wheel. Further, one of the applications, Osprey, uses a standard metadata scheme based on Dublin Core.

The value in using a standards-based metadata scheme is that we could more easily integrate our database of materials with others, inside our outside our university.

I think we may do a test install of Broadcast Machine, and may try out Osprey, too.