No Indecency Fines So Far in 2005

Yeah, it suprised me, too, especially given how indecency-happy the FCC and Congress got last year. But then I thought about it and realized that I don’t remember seeing one news item about a fine, just gesticulations in Congress.

John Dunbar from the Center for Public Integrity–who we interviewed at the NCMR for the June 3 edition of the radioshow–has investigated why there haven’t been any fines and reports his findings in “The Cost of Indecency:
Big settlements lead to tamer airwaves”:

After a record 2004, the Federal Communications Commission has yet to issue a fine for indecent broadcasting this year, the longest pause in activity since 2001….

[A] likely cause is the impact of record settlement agreements reached in 2004 between the FCC and two giant media companies. The agreements promise dire consequences for on-air talent and other employees who participate in the airing of any future indecent broadcasts.