G8 Radio: Webcast and Broadcast

G8 Radio will be providing streaming audio coverage of protests against the G8 in Scotland this weekend, in addition to related reportage and analysis.

The venerable Amsterdam unlicensed station Vrije Keyser Radio will be carrying the broadcast at 89.6 FM. In their announcement they write:

Amsterdam based independent free radio station ‘Radio de Vrije Keyser’ was founded in 1979 by the squatters scene.

The past two years, repression by the Dutch authorities towards free radio’s in the Netherlands has grown dramatically. After being tolerated by the authorities since the early eighties, also Vrije Keyser Radio recently got threathened by the police that they would take actions if the transmitter was not turned off permanently. But Vrije Keyser Radio goes on!

These days, Vrije Keyser Radio is only on air during special occasions, like certain festivals, demonstrations and other protests.

Temporary, hit-and-run, and event-based broadcasts can be very effective ways of using unlicensed radio strategically to bring much-needed info to the airwaves while minimizing the risk of being busted.

According to G8Radio, these other broadcast and web stations will also be carrying the feed: