mediageek on Odeo

Odeo is a new podcasting web app that provides tools for producing, distributing and downloading podcast audio. Rabble from anarchogeek is one of the developers and he added the mediageek radioshow podcast to Odeo’s catalog. Invites to the beta of Odeo have been sent out to 12,700 people.

Rabble sent me one a number of weeks ago, and I’ve finally logged in and claimed the mediageek podcast channel, and played around with the sytem a bit.

What I like about Odeo so far is that it takes a bunch of tools and integrates them. At the moment I don’t think I’ll be using their production tool, since mediageek is produced as a weekly broadcast radio show.

However, the podcast channel subscription and download integration is nice, as is the ability to just listen to feeds right in your browser if you prefer. Unfortunately, the in-browser listening features are limited to play and pause — it would be nice to be able to mark where you left off if you have to stop listening, and to be able to rewind and fast-forward.

So, if you’re one of the 12k+ peeps with an Odeo invite, go ahead and subscribe to the mediageek radioshow channel.