Gearing Up for AMC

Allied Media Conference is this weekend, and in usual mediageek style, I’m rushing to get zine #3 into print right now. Someday, I may release more than one zine per year… someday.

My pal John at is doing a session on microradio and I’m doing a session on blogging. My focus is not on “blogging will revolutionize the media,” but rather, what a blog is useful for, and helping the blogless set one up.

Some other really interesting sessions include: Are Our Messages Reaching the Right Audiences? and Radical Media: The Experience of Detroit. There are also caucuses planned for Indymedia and Radical Librarians. Of course, there is the famous Saturday night AMC bowling, which John, in particular, is really looking forward to.

I believe there is still time left to register. AMC is always the one conference that I don’t walk away disappointed from, and this year looks just as good, if not better.