Why So Quiet — Pledge to WEFT!

Work work has been consuming most of my energies this week, leaving me with little brain power left to ponder media. Lucky for me, the work is interesting. I’m coordinating a live mulit-camera video webcast out of a campus theater that has shit-ass networking. I think it will work, but it’s taken lots of thinking and experimenting.

As a result of this webcast, I won’t even be on the first mediageek radioshow of the WEFT pledge drive. Drew will be filling in capably with guests Robert McChesney and John Anderson. With guests like that, I have no fears. Bob, especially, is a pledge drive monster. There are very few people in the noncommercial radio world who like pledge drives, and even fewer who are good at the pitching and spieling. Bob is one of them, consitently bringing his local public radio program Media Matters to the top of the pledge drive earners at its home station.

I’m just sorry I’m going to have to miss being there.

By the way, if you listen to the show at all, either on the radio or on-line, PLEASE make a pledge to keep WEFT on the air. Without WEFT there would be no mediageek… period! WEFT was the impetus and incubator for the program and blog, and without finding WEFT, I’m not sure I would have found this route.

You do have to call in, but WEFT does take checks and credit cards. The number is 217-359-9338 — and please do tell them that you were sent by mediageek. Thanks in advance!