Recent Radio Shows Online: Howard Feld on Translator Trafficking; Stephen Dunifer Discusses Free Radio Camp and Unlicensed TV

The last two mediageek radio shows are both on-line and definitely worth a listen if you’ve been following the FM translator trafficking scandal, or interested in free radio and TV.

  • mediageek 3-25-05: Free Radio Workshops on Tour
    On this program we talk with Stephen Dunifer, of Free Radio Berkeley, about their upcoming Radio Camps, offering a four-day workshop on building and operating unlicensed low-power FM transmitters. The camps will be going on tour this Spring to Madison, WI, and several other locations in the US and Latin America. Dunifer also tells us about FRB’s recent foray into unlicensed TV broadcasting.

  • mediageek 3-18-05: Harold Feld of MAP Explains Christian Radio Translator Trafficking Scheme

    Harold Feld of the Media Access Project gives us the skinny on a petition by Prometheus and other media reform groups to the FCC demanding a freeze on noncommercial FM translator stations applications in order to halt what they see as a trafficking scam. And, coincidentally, the FCC does it, but as part of a LPFM strengthening effort.