Knee Deep in Sinclair Dirt

Rolling Stone has an excellently comprehensive article on everyone’s favorite TV station owner, Sinclair. There are so many choice quotes and tidbits in here that I can’t quote them all, but here’s one revealing bite that shows Sinclair’s utter disdain for the rules:

[Sinclair CEO] Smith was equally creative when it came to skirting federal rules that forbid broadcasters from controlling two television stations in the same market. The scheme was simple: Smith’s mother, Carolyn, and Sinclair employee Edwin Edwards would buy a station in a market where the company already owned an outlet, and then promptly turn control of the new operation over to Sinclair. In 2001, the FCC ruled that the broadcaster had violated federal ownership laws and slapped it with a $40,000 fine — but allowed Sinclair to keep the stations.

Now go read the article.