Recent Radio Shows for Download: FOX TV Station License Challenge; 5th Birthday of LPFM; 8th Annual Homelessness Marathon

In case you don’t check the radioshow page every week, here’s the last few shows you might have missed. Remember, they’re all available for download in low bitrate and high bitrate MP3 and ogg vorbis. There’s also a podcast feed.

mediageek 1-28-05: Former Fox TV Reporters Challenge Tampa Station License

We talk to investigative reporters Jane Akre and Steve Wilson. They were fired from FOX TV 13 in Tampa, FL for blowing the whistle on the station, which tried to bury and change facts on a story on bovine growth hormone (BGH) after being contacted by Monsanto.

Akre and Wilson are challening the station’s license with the FCC, which is up for renewal. They say the station aired known lies about BGH, and therefore failed to act in the public interest.

We also discuss the latest news from the FCC about the departure of Media Bureau Chief Ken Ferree and the Commission’s decision not to challenge the Third Circuit Court decision striking down its revised media ownership rules.

mediageek 1-21-05: Powell to Leave FCC & the 5th Birthday Party for Low-Power FM

We discuss the news of FCC Chairman Powell’s decision to leave the FCC. Then we talk to Hannah Sassaman from the Prometheus Radio Project about the upcoming celebration at the FCC of LPFM’s 5th birthday.

mediageek 1-14-05: The 8th Annual Homelessness Marathon

We talk with Karen D’Andrea, producer for the 8th Annual Homelessness Marathon, which airs Feb. 14 – 15.