Good Bye Mikey, and Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out

The departure of Mikey Powell from the FCC is being largely celebrated by media reform groups. Free Press has a statement from Bob McChesney, who does not mince words in evaluating the Powell Jr’s legacy: “His tenure was marked by some of the lowest moments in the history of the FCC…”

Yesterday I raised the question of why Powell is stepping down now, announcing only a day after W’s coronation, rather than making his announcement earlier, like his father did. It makes me wonder whether he was pushed by the Bushies.

I actually talked to Bob last night at a party, and he doesn’t think the timing is so strange, and doesn’t think that Powell was forced out.

Free Press is running an on-line petition campaign asking Bush to appoint a new chair who “will defend the public interest and promote a more democratic media system.” That’s kind of like asking John Ashcroft to immolate himself with a burning copy of the Patriot Act.

However, keeping up the political pressure is still good, and if Bush decides to appoint a new chair who is not already on the commission (meaning, NOT Kevin Martin), then that appointee will have to suffer Senate confirmation hearings. And, at least in the Senate, there are both Republicans and Democrats who are more willing to press the issue of media democracy.