Boulder Free Radio Shut Down

As of yet I have scant details, but according to a post on the blog run by KBFR’s founder, Monk, the station was shut down by the FCC on the 11th:

The station was shut down, again, yesterday in the late afternoon. One year, to the day (Jan 11th) from the last FCC visit.

Apparently the host (who was understandly upset at FCC agents at the front door) didn’t get any kind of written warning. First time. This feels somehow different than other FCC visits.

At the KBFR website, there is only a black backgournd with the message: “KBFR: RIP.”

The station is well known for running a good cat-and-mouse game with the FCC, using wireless networking and other strategies to separate the studio from the transmitter. However, the blog post from Monk gives the impression that the FCC visited the studio and that the transmitter may have been located there.

As of yet I don’t find anything on the bust in the FCC database. Of course, I’ll post new info as I find it.