Review of MZ-NH1, Sony’s Top Hi-MD Recorder

I just posted to Epinions a pretty long review of my MZ-NH1 Hi-MD recorder that I’ve mentioned here recently. I like this recorder a lot, especially for its ability to upload audio you’ve recorded directly to your PC. At $329, it’s pretty pricey, but there also isn’t any other device out there that is as functional and capable at digital recording and playback in its price range.

I post electronics reviews to Epinions on an occasional basis. I do it because I’ve found other Epinions user reviews to be helpful in the past and I want to contribute to this store of knowledge. Even though it’s a dot-com profiting from user’s reviews, they do pay you based upon how many views your reviews get.

If you post a popular review, which means it’s a review of a popular item, you can easily make at least $25 for just one review. Although this may sound like pennies, you’d be lucky making any more than that writing freelance for a small print or web publication. The only way you’d make more than that is as a staff writer somewhere.

The other reason why I post reviews there is because they have a greater likelihood of being read by potential buyer than if I posted them here. I think user reviews can be useful when you’re contemplating a purchase since professional reviewers typically only have an item for a week or so, whereas someone who owns the item knows it much more thoroughly due to constant use. That doesn’t mean that every Epinions review is a gem, but it’s easy to pick out the thoughtful reviews, and Epinion’s own review rating system is a helpful guide.