Sorry for Mediageek Outage

Some of you may have noticed that mediageek was out Thursday through Monday. This was the result of the commercial DSL line that feeds the mediageek server being cut abruptly. Mediageek is hosted on a community server that got DSL from a local ISP, which is basically a reseller of SBC DSL.

The local ISP notified our sysadmin, Zach, just about 10 days ago that the DSL service was going away, but without giving a firm date. Zach tried to negotiate with the ISP, even offering to buy a T1, but got very little response. So when service went down abruptly early last Thursday, he was prepared, but not quite ready.

Thanks to the generosity of a local tech firm, the server is back connected to the internet while we wait for new service to be installed by MacLeod USA.

Other websites hosted on the server, like the U-C IMC, were back on-line Friday. Mediageek took longer because my domain registration is with a different company that was on holiday until today.

Big thanks go to Zach for getting the server back on the ‘net within 12 hours. He has been the tireless sysadmin and host of the U-C IMC website since inception, and mediageek for the last 2 years, and has kept it going through hack attacks, website spam, and crazy service outages. It’s dedicated geeks like Zach who keep Indymedia and independent websites running, and they deserve our continuing gratitude.