Keeping Tabs on Sinclair

I’m glad that media watchers and reform organizations are keeping their eyes on Sinclair now that the heat from their anti-Kerry schenanigans has cooled down. Too often, after a big controversy dies down, so does interest in the issue behind it, even if the controversy is just part of a bigger problem — such as Sinclair’s overall right-wing agenda and anti-localism crusade.

Media Matters for America has been keeping tabs on one of Sinclair’s News Central segments called “Get This:”

“Get This” is created by News Central, Sinclair’s Maryland-based nerve center that provides national and international news coverage, as well as commentary, to its stations. Presented each weeknight by Sinclair News Central anchors Jennifer Gladstone or Morris Jones, “Get This” purports to cover “the news items that deserve public attention that you probably won’t see anywhere else. They either won’t make time for them, or maybe the issues are too ‘sensitive’ for their audience.”

According to News Central’s website, “Get This” claims to “play no favorites.” But while the segment features many humorous or lighthearted stories, the overall issue selection conveys a conservative agenda, focusing on topics such as Democrats’ alleged inability to deal with electoral defeat; liberal college professors; author and documentarian Michael Moore’s comments; and even President George W. Bush’s pets.