Election Effects: Changes at the FCC

Radio Ink has a rundown of likely changes at the FCC as a result of the election. In summary: Democrat and vocal media reformist Adelstein is out — he won’t be renominated because his chief supporter, Sen Tom Daschle, was not reelected. Kevin Martin is the likely successor to Chairman Powell if he decides to leave, and Republican Kathleen Abernathy is also expected to leave at the end of her term in 2005. A top candidate to replace her is an old Bush crony from Texas, former Texas Public Utility commissioner Rebecca Klein, who also served as policy director of general government for then-Gov. Bush.

The more practical effects are that media reform may be even less of a hot issue at the FCC, and the Commission may feel emboldened to challenge the Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to strike down its loosened media ownership rules. Such an appeal would go to the Supreme Court.

Watch the telecom and broadcast industry hop in the saddle and ride like a buckaroo.