Bizzarro Illinois Political Ad Smears Candidate as “Weird Al Impersonator”


I’m not making this up. When I first saw it I thought it was some kind of strange joke, but several viewings leads only to the conclusion that it’s a real ad, taking down a political opponent for having been previously a Weird Al Yankovic impersonator. The ad features the subject, Scot England, with Weird Al hair, glasses and hawaiian shirt superimposed over his pictures.

Then, the ad continues on to say the guy would raise taxes, and that sort of typical local polital mudslinging. The candidates are actually running for the Illinois House. But what’s most disturbing is how poor Weird Al is getting dragged through the mud for nothing.

Luckily the ad appeared during a program I recorded on my PVR, so I could capture it into a quicktime to share with the world.

Download Quicktime video (3.7 MB)