mediageek radioshow affiliates

I’m happy to announce that the mediageek radioshow can now be heard on the airwaves outside of Champaign-Urbana, IL. The program has recently been picked up by two new legal LPFM stations: Radio Free Moscow KRFP, 92.5 FM, Moscow ID and KQRP 106.1 FM, Salida, CA. mediageek airs Tuesdays at 11 AM on KRFP, and I don’t know the time it airs on KQRP.

Both of these stations are pretty freshly on the the air, and I really appreciate the opportunity to reach some new listeners who might not otherwise hear of the program in the first place.

Leigh Robartes at KRFP really got the ball rolling on this, contacting me a couple of months before the station went on the air. He thought the show didn’t really need to change, in that the Champaign-Urbana specific information would still be of some interest to listeners in Moscow.

I agree, but have chosen to give the Champaign-Urbana local stuff a bit more context, so that the issues are more generalizable and seem less parochial. I’ve also edited out our pledge drive pitches, since that’s really not particular interesting to anyone listening to another station.

Also, I’m trying to learn more about the media scenes in Moscow and Salida, since I think that’s important information for those cities, and it’s important for Champaign-Urbana listeners to get some perspective on how issues of ownership play out in other cities that aren’t attached to a metroplex.

Leigh has also agreed to come on mediageek in the near future to talk about Moscow and KRFP. I hope that perhaps we can integrate something like a “scene report” every so often from the cities where the show airs.

It would be great to get mediageek onto other radio stations, especially community stations (be they full-power, low-power or micropower/pirate) that don’t already run any programming that addresses independent media issues. If you think your local station should consider playing mediageek, or your affiliated with a station, please let me know. It’s free for non-commercial stations — just download and play.