Talkin’ to the Press about Sinclair

Oh the joys of living in a small town… It means that if you do a local community radio show on the media, then you, too, can become a media pundit.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was interviewed by a Daily Illini reporter for a story on Sinclair airing the anti-Kerry documentary. I’m relieved to say that the reporter did an OK job and I don’t end up sounding like too much of an ass, except that he has me saying that the Urbana-Champaign IMC condemns Sinclair’s actions, which I didn’t say at all, and isn’t true. (even if most individual IMCistas would themselves condemn Sinclair).

It’s always a roll of the dice talking to the mainstream press, since reporters don’t have much time to research and write an article, and 5 or 10 minute phone interview typically gets boiled down to one or two quotes. It’s not a great venue for making fine distinctions or nuanced comments. (although, it sometimes suprises me at how blind to nuance the process can be).