EFF Sheds a Little Light on IMC Hard Drive Seizure, Promises Action

The Electronic Frontier Foundationhas a press release on the return of the global Indymedia hard drives. They note that the FBI has denied involvement, tracing the seizure back to a court order asked for by the United States Attorney’s Office in San Antonio.

The EFF vows to get to the bottom of the situation:

EFF will take legal action to find out what really happened to Indymedia’s servers and ensure that Internet media are protected from egregious First Amendment violations like this in the future.

It is amazing the number of just plain good things the EFF has done, such as fighting the RIAA, opposing the Patriot Act, and, now, defending Indymedia. They have gone to the top of my donation list, and can expect a check from me as soon as my next paycheck arrives.