Feds Raid Knoxville Community Radio

From a KFAR press release:


Wednesday, September 15, 4:00 pm

Knoxville First Amendment Radio (KFAR 90.9 FM) Station Raided by the FCC

At roughly 10:00 am this morning, three federal agents rom the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Atlanta offices, accompanied by three US Marshalls, broke into the KFAR radio station in South Knoxville and confiscated all of its equipment, knocking noxville’s community voice off the air.

KFAR has been broadcasting alternative news, music and commentary for the past three years, and while the station has still not been granted an official license, it has exceeded all FCC regulations and does not interfere with the signal of any other radio station.

KFAR is the only community-run station in Knoxville, and already its members and supporters are mobilizing to pressure the FCC and get the station back on the air.

“The real criminals are the FCC officials who have given the public airwaves away to huge media conglomerates like Clearchannel,” said KFAR supporter Abigail Singer. “The airwaves belong to the people, and the public has a first amendment right to broadcast on public airwaves.”

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For more information, see www.kfar.org or contact Chris Irwin at (865) 633-8483 (home), (224) 558-9208 (cell), or email zorgonus@yahoo.com.